Karma Chameleon

The past few days have been interesting, indeed, as far as hookahs are concerned. There must have been a cosmic force at work on the imposter Chinese hookahs because I answered no fewer than half a dozen phone calls from upset people who, without knowing any better, bought a Chinese hookah insead of an authentic Egyptian one. Why they call us, I haven't quite figured out yet; we don't sell Chinese hookahs! I finally came to the conclusion that they call us because we make ourselves available to our customers where other eBay sellers don't.

Anyway, back to these nasty little imposter hookahs. . . Two people who owned them discovered that the paint on the glass peels off quite easily after the glass has been washed a couple of time. One man was concerned about the metal from which the shaft is made because it is, as he said, "very light weight." Yet another had purchased a hookah with a screw-in shaft only to discover that the threads stip easily. Had these poor souls done their homework before buying a hookah, they would have been able to tell the difference between the Chinese and Egyptian hookahs. Not sure what those differences are yourself? Check out our Hookah Comparison Chart!

We are still unpacking boxes and shelving the treasures they hold. Ali did a great job of choosing such a diverse group of bases and, oh, the colors are outstanding! Because we really do listen to our customers, we can now boast that we have red roting hookahs! I will be sure to get some photos this weekend and will post one here. Meanwhile, you can look at the other rotating hookahs that we have for sale in our eBay store:

Do your homework, and you will soon discover that we have unbeatable prices!

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