Back to School

Geez, but the summer has just flown by! With Ali (he's the "pop" of our good old-fashioned mom & pop business) gone from April until June (he was in Egypt preparing our latest shipment) and then both of us waiting for the container to arrive, it seems as though summer completely skipped us! Well, all except for the miserably hot and humid weather that has become the "norm" in Southern California for the past few weeks. I will not miss that when summer fades into fall.

All of the local colleges have started their fall semesters, so we are looking forward to the incoming freshmen discovering our local hookah shop. Our warehouse is conveniently located between a very large university and a decent sized junior college, and most of our customers find us by word of mouth from their classmates. Hookahs and college students are almost synonymous these days.

Our website is just about ready to launch! We've got our fingers crossed for everything to be finished and working by the end of next week. It has been a monumental project but definitely one worth tackling. For the time being, our site is redirected to our eBay store.

It has been a long day with lots of shipping to finish up before we can close up shop and go home, so I will save the rest of my hookah news for another day.

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