Cash Back for Returning Customers

Nothing says more about a company's prices, products, and service than a repeat customer. When shoppers return to your business to make additional purchases, it is usually because they found your prices reasonable, your product quality excellent, and the customer service you provide outstanding. With as high a rate of return buyers as we have, we must be doing something right!

Because we appreciate our repeat buyers so much, we've looked at several options to reward their loyalty to us. It took a while, but we finally found the right service for both us and our buyers. My Store Rewards allows us to offer our buyers a 5% cash rebate on their first purchase when they join the program and 5% cash back on all future purchases! Since we're in control, you don't need to worry that your email box will suddenly be inundated with spam; we'll send you just one message every 45 days to remind you of the cash back bonus you'll receive when you make a purchase.

With our already low prices and frequent sales, you could rake in the savings! Picture this: You find an item in
our eBay store that is on sale at 15% off. That item includes FREE shipping. If you signed up for My Store Rewards, you'd ALSO get a cash rebate of 5% of your purchase on top of the 15% sale and the shipping discount. That's some pretty incredible savings!

To become a part of this fantastic program, just look for this logo on any item that we sell on eBay:

Pay with PayPal: Get a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back

Sign up, and start saving -- it's really that simple! Then each time you make a purchase after that, you'll get 5% cash back.

We truly do appreciate your business!