Christmas in July

With all of the boxes lining the walls and aisles of our warehouse, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas despite the unusually hot and humid weather that has become the "norm" for the last month in Southern California. As we unpack a box and stock the shelves, I find myself making the same ooh and aah sounds that a kid opening a birthday or Christmas present would make! There are so many new and exciting things to see and so many new hookah designs to play around with.

Since I am the chief photographer, I've been anxious to get the boxes unpacked so that my imagination can run wild as I match glass to stem and hose(s). The possibilities seem just about endless thanks to the dozens of new glass designs in this shipment. Color, color, and more color -- red, yellow, green, dark blue, baby blue, teal, lavender, blue violet, red violet, orange, clear, frosted, tinted, etched, hand painted. Shapes -- oh, the shapes! Pyramid, globe, ola, genie, traditional bell. Cobra, wooden, glass, resin, and glass mouth pieces on colorful hoses that measure a full 6 feet in length. It's no wonder that my shutter finger is itching to get to work! I did manage to put a few of them together and to get them listed on eBay last night, but there are so many more to do.

Here's what I've done so far:
Once the weather cools down a bit and the warehouse temperature is more comfortable, I'll get more pictures. In the meantime, we'll have to make do with the few that I was able to snag as they were being shelved.

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