Ahlan was Ahlan (that's WELCOME in English)!

Caravan Trading Group is an old-fashioned mom and pop venture that blossomed into a full-grown business when we set up a hookah booth at a local Arab-American festival a couple of years ago. Our booth was one of the most popular ones there because a trend had begun that we knew nothing about -- hookahs had become a part of pop culture!

We moved our operation from our garage to a warehouse in Fullerton two years ago. We tried our hand at selling some of the hookahs on eBay and within a matter of three or four months,
Caravansarai Imports (our original name) catapulted to PowerSeller status and earned the spot as eBay's leading hookah seller.

With the arrival of our first 40-foot cargo container, we needed a larger warehouse and a showroom to display our products. Because Fullerton is close to our hometown, we decided to look for another location close to where we had already established a presence. The new place is just a few blocks from the old one, but it's much, much larger, has a showroom and an office, and is on a well-traveled street to encourage foot traffic. Now we are, as they say, "official." Our warehouse is a hubbub of daily activity with wholesalers placing and picking up large orders, eBay shoppers picking up their hookahs, and individual buyers mixing and matching glasses, shafts, and hoses to design their own hookahs. We maintain the traditional Egyptian hospitality at our warehouse, so it's not unusual to find past customers coming by just to chat or to relax and smoke hookah with us after a long day at work!

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