It's Graduation Time!

May is a month filled with celebrations: Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, my birthday (ok, it's not technically a national holiday, but it is an important day nonetheless, LOL!), and Memorial Day. And while all of these days are cause for celebration, none of them holds a candle to the pomp and circumstance of the graduations that also take place in May.

For many of our customers, May means the end of living life by the quarter or semester. It means recognition of a remarkable accomplishment -- the completion of one more leg of the educational journey. Wednesday will be my last day of classes for the semester, with finals following next week. While my students are off enjoying the break, I will be frantically grading their last assignments and calculating final grades. Once it's finished and grades are turned in, I will enjoy a break until the Fall semester begins and finally have the time to catch up on things that are often neglected when grading has to be done. Yes, May is a very good month!

We'd like to offer our congratulations to the 2008 grads and to wish you success in your future endeavors. Enjoy your day, take pride in your accomplishment, and party like it's 1999 -- you've earned it!

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