How much is that hookah in the window?

$2,000,000 -- two million dollars, that's how much! This must be some kind of special pipe, right? Surely it's made from 18K gold and covered in diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other gems if it can command such a hefty price, right? WRONG on both counts! The high-priced hookah is a stamped brass hookah with zip, zero, zilch, nada fancy on it. In fact, it's not even new -- your $2 MILLION will get you a used hookah!

If the hookah isn't made of precious metal and jewels, why would it command such a high price? In the real world marketplace, a brass hookah would never sell for such an outrageously high price. But this hookah sale is the brainchild of a family seeking to hang onto their land and their "father's legacy" by raising enough money to purchase and turn it into a "totally self-sufficient mini-community."

While I don't doubt the seriousness of this family's desire to keep the land that their father probably cared for and about, it's not very likely that their commonplace brass hookah will fetch them the needed funds. Still, I wish them luck in their endeavor and applaud their creativity in seeking financing for their project. If you've got the money this family needs and want a brass hookah, you can
visit their site.

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12:03 PM

Well, they got a lot of attention from the Hookah world, that's for sure. Maybe they will get a little scratch to keep things a float.