Stained Glass Hookahs

The beauty of stained glass windows in the cathedrals of Europe is surely a sight to behold. The dedication and craftsmanship required to produce such magnificent art is, sadly, for the most part, locked away in the past. In our fast-paced world, most people have fail to appreciate or understand the time and attention to the detail that goes into producing such finely crafted pieces of art, thus they are unwilling to pay a fair market value for them. If a craftsman will not be adequately compensated for his work by consumers who desire what he has produced but are unwilling to pay for it, he must turn to other avenues to earn a living and when this happens, arts and crafts are lost to future generations.

When Ali came across an artist in Egypt who had a penchant for painting stained glass Arabesque designs on hookah bases, he quickly hired him to design glasses exclusively for us. We know a true treasure when we see one and are determined to keep the arts and crafts movement alive and well in Egypt! These stunning hookahs can't be found anywhere else, unless I was nice enough to allow one of our wholesale customers to buy a few from us and when I did, it was only a couple of select models.

These authentic Egyptian hookahs come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the traditional to the batta (Arabic for "duck" and referring to the rounded bottom which resembles a duck's, shall we say, "waddle"?) to the pyramid.

The stained glass look, such as the one on the right, is available in 22-inch one and two hose models or 32-inch one, two, three, or four hose models. With so many colors on the glass, the possibilities for hose options are amazing: red, yellow, blue, green, maroon, and black all look fantastic on this hookah! Best of all, these are colors that we have in stock at all times. You could have matching hoses in a single color, or with a multi-hose hookah, choose two, three, or even four different colors -- that's a different colored hose for each smoker. Just imagine the creative possibilities with this one glass!

The amber colored Arabesque hookah is unique both for its design and its color. The picture on the left shows it in the batta shape, but it is also available in the traditional style. Warm amber colored glass is hand painted with black and gold Arabesque designs. The best thing about these glasses is that because each one is painted by hand, the designs vary slightly on each glass. This means that every one is slightly different, resulting in a 100% unique hookah every time.

We firmly believe that to keep the arts and crafts of the past alive, we need to do more than admire them in photos. We need to pay tribute to the men and women who keep these time-honored traditions alive by sharing their craftsmanship with the world. Machine-made goods are fine for some things, but they will never be able to reproduce the artistry of the human touch or add the charm from an artist's hand to a product!

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